State of Sustainability at ASU

The State of Sustainability at ASU was an event held earlier this fall to highlight all the great sustainability initiatives going on at Arizona State. tSR got the scoop on how you can get both informed on and involved with sustainability right here on campus! 

Podcast 7: The Minimalism Episode

Minimalism could be defined as having only the essentials, and it's a lifestyle trend that's entered the mainstream through books, like Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up", popular millennial design aesthetic, and services like Uber, Blue Apron, etc. Want to hear more? Listen in on this month's episode for our thoughts on minimalism.

DryLab 2023

Drylab 2023 was a month long project of Arizona State University where eight students, pursuing a mixture of art and sustainability degrees, were permitted 4 gallons of water per person per day to learn how they would govern limited shared resources in a water-scarce world.

Podcast 5: Space!

In this episode, the tSR gang explore the ethics of space travel, space movies, and technology derived from space exploration! We're joined by our guest co-host, Adam Gabriele!


Senior Sustainability Scientist Netra Chhetri's project in the Chitwan region of Nepal turns an agricultural problem into a multidimensional solution by turning an invasive vine into biochar - a kind of activated charcoal that burns more cleanly than wood, fertilizes soil, filters water, and provides a much needed alternative income stream.

Dinner 2040

Held in November, 2016, Dinner 2040 was a gathering of community members, professionals, and academics that worked to create a vision for Phoenix's food future.

GreenBiz 2017

From February 14-16, thousands of people gathered to attend GreenBiz 2017, an annual forum dedicated to discussing the current state and future possibilities of sustainable business. A few of our members attended this year - here is some of what they saw!

Podcast 2: Coal Episode

The coal episode. Discussion on current and future situation of coal, energy sources (renewable vs non renewable), coal mining, coal pollution, government regulations, coal and jobs, environmental justice, solidarity with indigenous groups, and the weekly relief.