TSR Editorial Board 2017–2018

Editor-in-Chief: Marley Halter (mkhalter@asu.edu) 

Marley is a MA in Sustainability student at ASU. She received her bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Marley has interest in writing and visual arts, as well exploring ways to communicate sustainability concepts to a wider audience. Her research interests include urban agriculture, community development, social justice, and climate resilience. 

Content Manager: Jeffrey Swofford (jeffrey.swofford@asu.edu)

Jeffrey is a Ph.D. student at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. He studies how people think and feel about climate change. Jeff is interested in science communication and storytelling, which brings him to The Sustainability Review. Before coming to ASU, Jeff worked for a sustainability firm as a researcher and project manager. You can find him on Twitter @jeffswofford.

Social Media/Content Manager: Rachael Rosenstein (rrosenst@asu.edu)

Rachael is a Master of Sustainability Solutions student at ASU. She received her BA in Environmental Studies with minors in Public Policy and Spanish from the University of Delaware. She is interested in sustainable international development, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Rachael has completed various internships and research projects, for example, working with an undergraduate professor to compare the degree to which countries are at risk from climate change to their historical emissions. One of Rachael's hobbies is photography and she will be using these skills at tSR. You can find her on Instagram @rachrose_photography

Social Media/Content Manager: Salomi Pradhan (spradha5@asu.edu)

Salomi is a Master of Sustainability Solutions candidate at ASU. She completed her bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University in India. Salomi has worked as a sustainability coordinator & CSR professional in the past at VISWASS, a national NGO in India. Her current interest is in corporate social responsibility, sustainability marketing, branding and reporting. She is passionate about sustainability communications and storytelling, which is precisely what brought her to The Sustainability Review team. 

Outreach/Grant Writing/Content Manager: Adam Gabriele (agabrie@asu.edu) 

Adam is a Master of Arts student in the School of Sustainability. He graduated unspectacularly from ASU with a BA in Political Science. Adam subsequently ran away to avoid growing up, eventually spending a total of 4 years in 40 different countries. His goals as an MA are to launch a vertical farm project at ASU and to research and improve the appeal of and adherence to sustainable values. 

Content Manager: Sean Murray (stmurray@asu.edu)

Sean is a Master of Science at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University.  He studies transformational sustainability research which is, more or less, how to change towards sustainability.  Sean has a background in music and is developing his skills in film.  He would like to engage in transformation by telling engaging and interesting stories through these mediums.  

Outreach/Content Manager: Brittany Nixon (banixon@asu.edu)

Brittany is a Master of Sustainable Solutions student at ASU.  She is passionate about finding ways for people to connect with each other and the environment. She is interested in sustainable entrepreneurship and storytelling. She believes communicating about sustainability research is important for empowering change. 

Video and Graphics Specialist: Brian Papworth (azbpap@gmail.com)

Faculty Co-Advisor: Shirley-Ann Behravesh (tarynar@gmail.com) 

Shirley-Ann Behravesh is a Senior Sustainability Scientist and a Faculty member within the School of Sustainability. Her research focuses on corporate sustainability and has worked with European partners on several projects, focused on disseminating knowledge of sustainable technologies, traffic management and sustainable construction within the EU. From these projects, several other sustainability projects were born, as a result of information sharing. Shirley-Ann was drawn to TSR to be able to do just that, share stories and knowledge, with the hope of inspiring change.

Faculty Co-Advisor: Josh MacFadyen (jmacfady@asu.edu)

Josh MacFadyen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies and the School of Sustainability. His research uses historical Geographic Information Systems, data visualizations, and other digital media to communicate the history of human relationships with the environment. He edits the Network in Canadian History & Environment (NiCHE) blog, and he teaches courses in communicating sustainability and environmental history.

Faculty Co-Advisor: Paul Hirt (paul.hirt@asu.edu)

Paul Hirt is a historian, Senior Sustainability Scholar, and member of the public history faculty at Arizona State University. He specializes in the American West, global environmental history, environmental policy, and sustainability studies. He is engaged in a variety of collaborative, interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach projects on water, energy, land use, and sustainability.