The renewable energy industry, through its innovation, enthusiasm, and ingenuity, has the potential to transform the nation’s energy landscape from a carbon dioxide-emitting giant to a climate impact mitigating, efficient, and modern generator of electricity. However, without engaging electric utilities, the industry may have difficulty expanding and thriving in a market dominated by fossil fuel generation. The renewable energy industry should form a mutually beneficial partnership with electric utility companies in order to increase its presence and share within the energy market. The importance of creating and maintaining this collaboration not only impacts the energy industry and market, but the living standards of future generations as well.

Building knowledge for sustainability demands exposure to such academic backgrounds, and much more. The School of Sustainability has brought in students and faculty from completely different fields, such as anthropology, ecology, economics, engineering, geography, geology, and the humanities, to engage with each other and sustainability. This unique blend of personnel has a profound effect on the way we work across academic disciplines and approach real-world issues.