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TSR Editorial Board 2017–2018


Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Ortiz ( 


Podcast Team: Andrew Hudson (



Video and Graphics Specialist: Tyler Oxford (


Faculty Co-Advisor: Shirley-Ann Behravesh ( 

Shirley-Ann Behravesh is a Senior Sustainability Scientist and a Faculty member within the School of Sustainability. Her research focuses on corporate sustainability and has worked with European partners on several projects, focused on disseminating knowledge of sustainable technologies, traffic management and sustainable construction within the EU. From these projects, several other sustainability projects were born, as a result of information sharing. Shirley-Ann was drawn to TSR to be able to do just that, share stories and knowledge, with the hope of inspiring change.

Faculty Co-Advisor: Josh MacFadyen (

Josh MacFadyen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies and the School of Sustainability. His research uses historical Geographic Information Systems, data visualizations, and other digital media to communicate the history of human relationships with the environment. He edits the Network in Canadian History & Environment (NiCHE) blog, and he teaches courses in communicating sustainability and environmental history.