Commingled Sorting Facility + Z Was Here

Commingled Sorting Facility

In Commingled Sorting Facility, a raccoon is found peering into a garbage can. The animal makes several trips in and out of the bin to extract consumable waste. Meanwhile, refuse also collects on its body.

Z Was Here

The Chinese characters in Z Was Here translate to "was here," thereby reflecting the common, permanent etching found in many public places. The difference in this scenario is that the words are drawn in a sandy coastal area. Thus, the impact that "Z" has had on the environment will last for minutes at most, before being completely washed away.


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John M. Quick is an Educational Technology Ph.D. student at Arizona State University, who is interested in the design, research, and use of educational innovations. Currently, his work focuses on mixed-reality environments, interactive media, and innovation adoption.  His portfolio is available online at