I Am

Up Scenic Point

I thank the rocks

And the plants

And the animals

For being part of me

As I am part of them


Not from each other

We are each other

As we human beings

Are all one another


We are sacred

Each particle of mass

Even the air (we breathe)


I am not a visitor here

On this earth (though I like the idea

at times)

I am

The earth itself

And everything in it

I am

The fires in august

That blow through this valley

I am

The wind from the cliffs

Scouring down over the lakefront

I am

The raven fledglings

Perching still on the edge of my nest

I am

The earth itself

And everything in it


Not a keeper

Not a visitor

Certainly not

A master


But the very spice of it

The gritty grime of it

The rocks and mud and plants

My body smells of it

It grows out of me

I grow into it

We are here

Together here


By listening

We can know this

Contributor's Biography:

Amy Pearson is a Ph.D. student in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.  Her research explores the ecological implications of the ways we talk about wilderness areas, especially in National Parks.

In this piece I situate myself as a human being in equal relation to my "ecological" surroundings.  I am convinced that a primary means of creating a sustainable Earth might come through re-envisioning and rearticulating how we as human beings sit in relation to our ecological environment.  The photograph is from Glacier National Park in Montana where I spend my summers as a ranger naturalist.