No(where) Now(here)

No(where) Now(here) addresses the issue of wolf recovery in Northern Arizona. The week-long installation took place between October 11th and October 17th, 2009.

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The work itself is inanimate on its own; paper and ink is a far cry from flesh, blood, fang, and fur.  Yet, with the town’s interaction, the awareness it raises could lend to the socio-political changes it would take to bring the Mexican Gray Wolf back to its native habitat. Ms. Strohacker's intention with No(where) Now(here) is that the viewers’ contact with the wolf silhouettes will create an interplay between the real and the artifice, the human and the animal, civilization and the wild, what is here and what is nowhere.

Contributor's Biography:

Lauren Strohacker is a second-year graduate student in the Painting/Drawing Department at Arizona State University.  She currently works with installation/public art and creates two-dimensional animal forms that inhabit and interact with public urban space.