2018 Sustainability Challenge: Meatless Mondays


Reducing your consumption of meat and animal products can help protect your health and the environment. Even a small change - like cutting meat from your diet once per week - can make a big difference! Not only does it reduce health risks like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer, but it also helps the environment by not contributing to the negative consequences of industrial animal agriculture like inefficient land and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, toxic run-off from animal waste, overuse of antibiotics that can threaten public health, and more! Not only is it healthier for us, the animals, and the earth, but it can also be delicious.

This month, try going meat free each Monday (that's only 4 days out of the whole month, you can do it!) and let us know your favorite vegetarian and vegan recipes by using the hashtag #sustychallenge2018 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or commenting below.


Need inspiration? These websites are some of our favorites for finding delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that don't break the bank:

  • https://www.budgetbytes.com/category/recipes/vegetarian/vegan/
  • https://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes
  • https://veganuary.com/recipes/


SOURCE: Check out the Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins University for more information: https://www.jhsph.edu/research/centers-and-institutes/johns-hopkins-center-for-a-livable-future/projects/meatless_monday/resources/meat_consumption.html#3

A delicious vegetarian meal. What can you make without meat this month?

A delicious vegetarian meal. What can you make without meat this month?